One company

We are an all-in-one audience engagement company that makes your employee engagement,

video production, product marketing, conference engagement, social events and ‘Live’ events experience better than ever.


Employee Engagement focused with Key take-away


Be ready to receive a bigger bang on your buck


Specialized Milestone Events Engagement

Employee Engagement

We create a compelling calendar of team bonding events that help keep the happiness quotient of the organization high each time. A happy employee means a higher retention rate.

Video Marketing

Impress your customers with beautiful on-brand and on-target business videos. Through our expert video unit, we produce business videos that speak your objective. Videos when created with your business goal in mind, translate to better business revenues. We understand this, and we never miss the brief.

Intellectual Property

Sustainability is key to the success of a brand proposition. We curate an IP to complement the initiatives driven by HR, Communications and the Marketing department of your organization. Whatever your end objective, we are sure to surprise you with a tailor made IP that can see many seasons and desired success.

Hybrid or Offline

With our expert audience engagement activities you will enjoy a seamless experience regardless of the environment. Hybrid, completely on-ground (offline) or virtual; we execute the best of our activities that are result oriented and back tested.